About Penny

On a recent trip to my hometown, a family member asked me what I was doing wandering around the world. She felt that I was out there, wandering with no goals. Why? What was I doing?

I can see where my life is confusing to some; when you’re raised by a lower-class midwestern family and tell your parents you want to be an artist and a traveler, you’re basically asking them to go into cardiac arrest right before your very eyes.
But after my parents passed away, I left my safe, secure life in my hometown.  I didn't just move to the next town, or even another state, but I left for to Kenya, Africa. For several months I volunteered at a girls’ school there. The school fought to keep girls safe from early marriage, early pregnancy, oppression, and female genital mutilation. When my work there was done, I went to New York City for an internship. After that, Montana. Since then I’ve lived in Alaska, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Chicago, and California and have traveled around the Western United States and several countries in search of an authentic life.

An authentic life…I don’t have an 8-5 Monday through Friday job. I don’t stay in any one place very long. Money is not my goal; neither is retirement. My goal is to live as much of this life as possible while considering each day a precious gift. Without marital or parental obligations, I have all the freedom in the world to roam – as long as I have funds to buy gas and plane !ckets

When I left my hometown, I also rediscovered my childhood passions, passions that had been talked out of me by those who knew better.

For several years I tried to be what everybody else wanted me to be; a wife, a home-owner, a cubicle corporate drone. None of them worked out for me. And that’s okay.

But…I do have goals.

First – travel. If I am not traveling I am dreaming about travel. Second to travel comes our precious earth, and people. All the people. I love people and I deeply enjoy experiencing cultures from around the globe. And my artistic talent and artwork is the cherry on top of it all.

Travel the world, make art, hike, and love people. These are my goals.  Different from what most reach for?  Of course!  But these are my curiosities and intend to explore until my heart is content.

I’m successful at them too.

Wandering around IS the goal. Making art IS the goal. Hiking everywhere IS the goal. Loving people IS the goal.
I invite you to join me on my journey around the globe. Ask me questions. Let me inspire you to live an authentic life - whatever that might look like to you. I’ll bring the world to you, and soon you’ll give in to experience the world you dream of.

Let it happen.

The words "road trip" conjure up images of wide open highways, silly games, coolers full of snacks and soda, and laughing with family and friends until your stomach hurts.  Impromptu adventures and selfies in front of cheesy roadside stands are non-negotiable.  Solo road trips consist of endless hours of podcasts, audio books, and singing all your favorite songs at the top of your lungs no matter how many other drivers are laughing at you as they pass.  Even the worst road trip is better than the best day at work.  Whether you want to road trip in a foreign country or in the U.S.A., I can help you devise an epic plan!

road trips

I have a rabid hunger for the natural places of the world.  Having worked in 5 national parks and visited over 30 more it is my intention to visit every national park in the United States and as many as possible in other parts of the world.  I am as fascinated by the tiny pine cone on the ground as I am the jaw dropping vista on the horizon.  You will often find me laying on the ground or getting in the face of insects to get a great photo.  Let me help you plan a trip to America's natural wonders!


Ever since I can remember I have always been creative.  Even in 4H as a child I forced them to create an "art" section for our annual school fair.  Cartoons were a favorite back then and that love of art has expanded into many different mediums as an adult.  I never went to art school, I have never had "formal" art education.  In fact, I sealed up my creative conduit after high school for over 20 years.  And then I started face painting.  After that, it was over.  The artist inside had been unleashed and she still rages today.  For a list of services I offer, check my portfolio here.


Things I love 

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